NEUROVA therapy uses electrical microcurrent stimulation to improve control of an existing part of the nervous system. Our platform is used for chronic pain management by blocking pain signals to the brain. NEUROVA makes use of the nervous innervations of the auricular to quickly and effectively treat the body with its own healing system by initiating a healing cascade of (Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin) Long term relief of patient’s symptoms.

NEUROVA is intended for prescription use only. This device is based on the principles of auricular point stimulation treatment.

The device is reliable and safe to use as intended. There are no reactive materials in the unit.

The benefits from using the device are the reduction of pharmaceutical drug dependence and the relief of symptomatic pain over a short period of time.

NEUROVA is a powerful device, emitting programmed pulses to auricular reflex point for stimulation. Treatment is over a 96 hour period, which is one treatment. It has a pre-programmed microprocessor as to frequency, pulse and duration for the stimulation of the auricular reflex points. This patented technology is embodied in the form of ergonomic, body application and designed to improve and repair brain function a free-flowing gate that is unimpeded by the limitations of the body.

The device is applied on the neck below the ear, with the ECG electrode. The voltage source is from batteries. The lead wire from the device is connected to the Titanium Electrodes which transfer the pulse. The software for each device is pre-configured during manufacturing and may be not accessed by the practitioner.

The average user of the device will have 4-6 treatments per year. The level of concern for the NEUROVA device is MINOR per FDA guidelines. The device does not have a risk of death or serious injury to a patient upon a failure.

The NEUROVA device can be used in wet environment, refer to the “how to use manual”